Refund/Cancellation Policy

All Purchases of pincode made by you on the M-classifieds Platform are final with no refund or exchange permitted. You are responsible for the mobile number and other relevant details bank details given by you for making the payment before the execution of the campaign. You are also responsible for the information relating to the pincode chosen and other relevant data that result from those purchases. M-classifieds is not responsible for any purchase of pincode for an incorrect mobile number or account number or incorrect data card information. However, if in a transaction performed by You on the M-classifieds Platform, money has been charged to Your card or bank account and a campaign report is not delivered within 48 hours of the completion of the campaign, then You shall inform us by sending an e mail to our customer services e mail address- .

Please include in the e-mail the following details – the mobile number ,bank details, purchase amount, transaction date and order number. M-classifieds will investigate the incident and, if it is found that money was indeed charged to Your card or bank account without delivery of the campaign, then You will be refunded the money within 21 working days from the date of receipt of Your e mail. All refunds will be credited to Your mentioned bank details send to us via mail. It will take 3-21 working days for the money to show in Your bank account depending on Your bank’s policy.